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Project Types

  • Tradeshow exhibits

  • Private events

  • Corporate events

  • Museum installations

  • Retail installations

  • Traveling installations

  • Signage installations

Service Features

  • Trained local and traveling lead installers

  • Local ops management in all major cities

  • Experienced and dedicated account managers

  • Local runner services for specialty items

  • State-of-the-art communications systems

  • Warehousing of exhibits

  • Local exhibit repairs

Why choose Coastal International?

CES 2024_edited.jpg

Advanced project management systems

Using specialized proprietary software we succeed in streamlining the flow of information between all parties in order to meet and exceed client expectations. Coastal International’s account management team monitors job status in live time, ensuring timely updates and efficient documentation turnaround for clients. 

Competitive pricing, personalized service

Each Coastal International client is placed in the capable hands of an experienced Account Executive, Operations Manager, and labor crew who work in unison to deliver a successful project every step of the way. We go above and beyond in order to provide added value and peace of mind from a project's start to finish.

Trained, full-time labor staff and management

We employ a full-time, trained labor staff including a dedicated account management team, regional operations managers, and lead installers.  Local connections and relationships from city to city bolster the network of support backing each job we perform.


40 years of tradeshow experience

We’ve been in this business a long time and we've built our reputation on providing the most consistent resource for skilled install & dismantle labor.  Through the decades, we've mastered the ins and outs of the tradeshow and event industry - As a result, we are able to pass the benefits of this knowledge onto our clients.

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