Partners in


partners in success.

Teaming up with the nation's most successful exhibit builders means impressive show results.

  • Stress-free partnering with display builder

  • Seamless transfer of exhibit details

  • Transparency in all logistical planning

  • Full accountability from project start to finish

What makes our industry partnerships special?

Customized exhibit house protocols


Coastal International uses a customized ordering and communication protocol to interface with exhibit builders, saving time and in turn, saving our clients

extra expenses.


Online blueprint and planning portal


With a highly specialized online workflow management system,  Coastal International’s account management team is able to reference past and present job documentation, providing for a more streamlined logistical process.


We recognize our clients’ individual needs


With 30 years of proven success in going above and beyond in meeting client needs, Coastal International has gained an edge in the industry in navigating any special requests and then delivering results.


Face-to-face meetings with exhibit houses


Each exhibit house is partnered with an individual Coastal International account team. Strategies are determined and services coordinated, all leading to a successful implementation exactly in line with the client's wishes.

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